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Portfolio following
On the Investy site you can find a lot of crypto portfolios, which are balanced by professional managers. Select one or several portfolios that meet your requirements and subscribe to receive notifications of changes. Receive signals via the web interface or mobile application based on the specified sum. Investy will independently calculate how much and what assets to sell or buy, and you only have to place orders to the stock exchange or activate the autofollowing function.
Auto copytrading
There is no time to constantly monitor changes? Increase the efficiency by activating automatic copying of transactions. You no longer need to waste time on manually placing orders and keeping track of their execution. Investy automatically performs transactions from your stock account and balances the portfolio with maximum efficiency. Also there is rebalancing the portfolio by confirmation at your disposal: upon receipt of the signal, you are asked to repeat the action with your stock account. By clicking a button you can confirm the changes and be aware of everything!
Crypto portfolio analysis
Information about all your assets is now in one window. There is no need of adding your transactions manually. Investy system will analyze this information on exchange API keys and provide you with a convenient form! Investy will provide you with all the most important information for the most convenient management of your investments.
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With Investy, you can connect to the crypto currency market at any time and in any place. No matter whether you use your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can easily manage your crypto investment or trade on your own.
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